Playbook Tutors

At Playbook we focus every day on doing everything possible to help your child get ahead and succeed. All of our tutors are exceptional teachers and role models who have been handpicked for their teaching ability, their passion for helping students, and their well rounded personalities. While they all come from top schools including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and NYU, we only hire them after a thorough vetting process that is as much about their well rounded backgrounds, personality, and passion for helping students.

Learning With Playbook Tutors is Like Being on a Sports Team

When we match your child to a tutor we prioritize the goals and insights of your child’s learning and handpick the perfect tutor. After your first session with your Playbook Tutor, our academic expert works with the tutor to create a custom plan for a semester or a year with clear learning objectives and milestones.

We believe that learning should be fun and similar to participating on a sports team or in an activity your child loves. Our semester and year-long tutoring programs are based around milestones that we structure to be similar to a big game or a big dance recital. Sessions are conveniently held at your home or at one of several schools that provide us with classrooms in Manhattan and Brooklyn. After working with our tutors for a semester we guarantee that your child will reach many milestones, achieve their goals, and improve their academic performance.

Along our semester or year-long journey together, our tutors act as an inspirational force l, helping to all instill a constructive growth mindset.

At the end of our program we hold an awards banquet just as a sports team would, and we recognize the achievements that have resulted from your child's hard-work and dedication.

Reach Your Academic Goals With Playbook Tutors

We’d love to have a conversation with you about how we can help your student-athlete thrive and succeed. Email us anytime at or call us at 917-725-6514